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Re: Paleo/primal mamas?

[QUOTE=AmberP;16276260]My friend's mom almost died from a campylobacter infection from raw milk. It has been four or five years and the last I heard, she still can't walk. So I am wary. If it were my cow and I was doing the milking and caring of the equipment, it would be different and I would gladly drink raw milk.

ETA- I am not trying to scare anyone off of it, only explain why I won't drink it personally =)[/QUOTE

I feel the same way about raw milk... I would drink it from my own cow, but I just can't trust someone else to not cut corners. It's illegal here here so we would have to jump through hoops to get it anyway. DH, DS, and DD all are sensitive to milk, I've always wondered if they'd be OK with raw, but for now we just don't buy any milk.

I've been craving raw veggies for the last few days. It's a welcome change from Ramen and candy, lol.
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