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We went with our 8 kids, at the time, in September 2011. They were 18, 16, 11, 8, 6, 4, 21 months, and 6 weeks old. We stayed a week and stayed on site. We had a blast. We did the dining plan since they were running a promotion on it. It was totally worth it for us. We used it for character dining.

I found dressing all in the same color allowed me to count heads quickly. Not necessarily matching but they wore all the same color. We did all match a couple days, wearing our Alabama shirts and Texas Ranger shirts.

I usually had dh walk in front followed by my oldest holding a little ones hand, then my next oldest holding another ones hand. I tried to keep my 21 month old in my Peg stroller. I pushed her and brought up the back, constantly keeping count! This is where the color thing came in so handy. I wore the 6 week old in the Ergo all day long, sometimes 12 hours a day and my back never hurt.

We also had a frame backpack we took and dh wore the 21 month old in it sometimes. We allowed her to walk sometimes also. When she walked I put the baby in the stroller laid down to stretch out.

We did fast passes but they really weren't necessary at that time of year. We also used the rider swap on the bigger stuff. But you would be surprised what all everyone can ride! We took lots of breaks and hit the stuff the absolutely wanted to do first. But we pretty much were able to stay in the parks all day. Then we all crashed web we got back to the hotel.

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