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Re: How Do You Deal With Other People

I guess I'm lucky that I never had a negative experience except when I was accosted for NIP in church (but it was a bitter old lady, so whatev...)

I pumped at work until DS was 2y3m...and no one said a thing. We pretty much cut out NIP except for extreme situations around 18-22 months. He self-weaned at 3 years.

If a doctor encouraged me to wean, I'd be finding a new doctor. BM is NEVER not beneficial. The longer you nurse, the longer your babe will benefit. For example, I nursed until I was 7. My brother self-weaned at 4.5. My sister was around 6.5. We simply DID NOT get sick. We went to c-pox parties all the time in the 70s, and didn't get c-pox until we were pre-teans...our immune systems were simply too strong to let it in.

BM is beneficial in cancer can reverse cancer cells.

So why on earth would a doctor ever suggest NOT nursing???
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