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Re: Prepping siblings

DD1 was 21 months and DD2 was born. They will be almost 4 and 2. We talk about the baby a lot, how the baby will come out, how we have to be gentle with babies. They both have baby dolls and we practice being gentle with them. We talk about how babies cry sometimes and it's ok, and how mommy will be very busy taking care of the teeny tiny baby, just like she was busy taking care of them when they were teeny tiny. I just talk about everything. That way they've heard it all before and it's not a surprise to hear me say it when baby comes. We have to be quiet when baby is sleeping. No hitting/squeezing/pinching/biting the baby. It will be hard for mommy to carry you and the baby so you have to be patient. Little babies needs lots of time and attention. etc.
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