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Re: PLing question

No amount of "training" will make a child want to take responsibility and use the potty when they have to go. Both of my boys knew how at 2, could take off their clothes, could tell me when they had to go, and hold it until they got there, but they just didn't care. Nothing I did could make them care, they had to decide on their own finally that they were ready. This happened 100% of the time just after 3.

I'm not even bothering trying to train my daughter, she just turned 2 a couple of weeks ago, there is a potty in our dining room (where I usually am) that she can easily get to herself. She decides to use it about once a day with no prompting from me, she just fights back if I try to encourage her to go, so I'm letting her do it.

People may disagree, but I was sick of the battles with my strong willed kids trying to convince them or bribe them to use the bathroom. When they were old enough that they wanted to, they just did it in a day and never had an accident again. They were wearing underwear and cleaning up their own accidents (with help from me when they left the room to change) for months before that, but it was in their hands to decide to do it.
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