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Re: Whats wrong with my dd?

Originally Posted by mmeneely View Post
I would get her off all of that wheat, first of all. She may be Celiac!
If they are already doing a biopsy of her gut, that is the only way to confirm Celiac 100%.
How old is she?
Yes, IF your doc agrees, and only AFTER all the testing is done, I would stop ALL foods except her Alimentum, even eliminate the oatmeal in the bottle. The are all kinds of crazy additives in Gerber Puffs and Ritz crackers and baby oatmeal--the last thing she needs are more irritants.

Babies are perfectly healthy on just formula or breastmilk until they turn 2, so no need for "real" food yet. My nephew drank up to 60 oz of formula a day when he was 18 months and not on solids yet. THEN as the allergist/pediatrician recommends, based on her test results, you would very gradually introduce solid foods. But only whole foods, not processed stuff like crackers or puffs.

Did her symptoms get especially severe when she started eating solid foods?

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