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Re: Homeschool Check In Feb. 1st--10th

It is actually snowing here, so the kids went and played outside this morning. For awhile we were getting really big, fluffy flakes coming down fast. DH came home way early and he romped around outside with the kids for a while. I was going to go out, but ODD was using my boots and my gloves. I hadn't anticipated enough snow this winter to bother with snow gear. We had a couple pair of snow gloves left from when we lived in Alaska that belonged to the older two than now fit the younger two, so they were all set.

Anyway, they came in, got some hot chocolate, and schoolwork has commenced. YDD has finished hers. She also finished her first phonics book today, so I need to order her new stuff. ODD is fussing over her pre-algebra. She says it's too hard and she can't do it, but she walks me through the problems with little difficulty, so I know she's understanding it. She just doesn't like it. Math has always been our struggle with her.
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