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Re: Homeschool Check In Feb. 1st--10th

Laura, Welcome!
So is your daughter wanting to homeschool?
Thanks for the input on writing papers. I agree, it is definitely important to learn to write properly. I just wasn't sure if it's super important at this age.
We aren't near the Quad Cities. We are actually considered part of the Metro East St. Louis (MO) area. We have several homeschool groups (and other resources) local to us, plus there are resources and groups in St. Louis.

Cynthia, I'll have to look into the do-a-dots. I did see them on Amazon, and a discount teacher supply store website. I wasn't impressed with my $1 bingo daubers, but my 18 month old did seem to enjoy using it. (I just didn't care for the messy, staining factor!)
The Magic Treehouse meeting sounds neat. My daughter is really into the American Girl books right now, but when she doesn't have one of those from the library she reads Magic Treehouse.
My kids like Caillou. My husband can’t STAND his voice, and I agree that it’s very whiny and not a good example. I’m glad you guys figured out the problem and have been able to fix it!

Croark, yay, I'm glad you guys had fun on your trip!
Woohoo for your month going well!!
Busy Monday for you guys!

Lyn, Hi! Sorry it's been rough lately. I hope things smooth out for you guys.
I'm new to this thread, so I don't know your background...why is your son having a final eval for ST? It sounds like there is still some sort of work to be done, with the articulation? It's interesting, though I'm sure frustrating, how he drops all the consonants! He speaks that way all the time?
My son has been in ST for almost 3 years. He has improved significantly, but he isn't done yet. He leaves off final consonants still, although does better in therapy, when he’s concentrating on it. They suggested speech through the school system, but when I said that we homeschool, they got us in through a private place.

Heather, thanks, I hope I'm able to sell the MFW K 1st edition. I have it listed here on DS. Not sure where else to list it.
Good luck with the investment property, I hope it all works out in your favor.
My daughter’s favorite shows are Rugrats and All Grown Up! You’re making me re-think letting her watch them though! Lol

Tallanvor, haha @ cow pies!! That reminds me of how we call whoopie pies "poopie pies".
If you had weather like we did, it was a perfect "winter" day for the zoo!
A cowboy museum sounds neat!
Wow, a homeschool bowling course/league sounds SO cool!!

Jen, my son is learning to tell time too, and really excited about it. He frequently updates me with the time throughout the day. Lol
How rude of your MIL to say things about your boys not ever being able to have a girlfriend until college, or them not making it to college because they’re homeschooled!!
Yikes on your husband’s expired license!! My DL and military ID both expire this summer, yay. Lol

Vicki, Homeschool Week at Lego Land sounds awesome!!

Wow, lots of newbies to the thread! Hello and welcome to you all!

Julie, I laughed at having a “classroom” being your excuse to have fish. My husband apparently has a thing for fish/fish tanks. There’s one in the living room and we have 2 in the room that the kids sleep in. (Because surely each kid needs their own tank, right? Lol)

We basically took off most of the week 2 weeks ago because of my youngest having chicken pox. Last week it was hard to get back into the groove, and now DS has a cold. So we missed swimming lessons Monday, speech today, we'll drop off our oldest at AWANA tonight and keep DS out. Tomorrow he is suppose to have a consult with ENT, but I don't want to take him and spread germs there. Thursday we are suppose to go 2 hours away to our old homeschool group's Valentine's Day party, and Friday is archery. Blah, I hate sickness and how it messes up your life! (And selfishly I hate how missing activities = losing money.)
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