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Re: frozen milk and fresh milk???

Originally Posted by birdinhand View Post
Fresh milk can be stored in the fridge for 8 days, so it isn't always necessary to freeze it, depending on when you need it. Previously frozen milk can be stored for 24 hours in the fridge.

Fresh milk can be added to previously frozen milk, as long as the frozen milk remains the larger part and you refrigerate the fresh milk before adding it (if you want to put it back in the freezer).

I would start using the older milk and keep storing the fresh milk.
Yes I know but I have to freeze some every week right now. I pump an extra 3 to 4oz each day during the week and I pump a 6oz bottle worth on Saturday and Sunday.

Thanks everyone--

I think I will just put the extra from Thursday and everything I pump on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday right into the freezer and pull out frozen for Monday's bottles. That way I am still putting in more than I am taking out.
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