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Re: Pups and chickens

I was unsuccessful with my shih tzu mix house dog. She just wants to get them so bad!

We had an incident a while back:
I went out very early in the morning when it was freezing to give the chickens water. I opened the run and one hen got into the yard just as ds had gotten up and opened the back door to look for me.....and let the dog out. Now, I am not a good morning person. I was in my pj's with my robe and farm boots on. My hair looked like one of those troll pencil tops, and it was barely dawn. I live in a subdivision. As soon as the chicken got out the dog was in hot pursuit. The chicken was squawking like mad as the dog chased it and I chased the dog screaming for her to "leave it" all around my back yard. My new neighbor (whom I had not yet met) comes flying out his back door to see what the commotion was and his raised back deck pretty much overlooks my fenced in yard. What a sight!

I did get the dog before she got the chicken. It made for a interesting first convo with the new neighbors.

I don't think my dog will ever be able to be out with the chickens. Sometimes it seems like she doesn't give them a second thought, and the next it seems like she is just waiting for her opportunity. *sigh*
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