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Re: Anyone have a Yogurt Maker?

Originally Posted by syfitz View Post
Raw milk only needs to be heated to about 118. I heat pasteurized milk to about 180, then cool to 110 before adding starter. I haven't made it with raw, but my friend does and she puts the milk into jars, puts the jars into a pan of hot water on the stove until the milk reaches 118, cools to 110, stirs a tablespoon of starter into each jar, closes them up and then puts the jars in a cooler with warm water overnight.
She says she gets much better (thicker) results making it in the individual jars rather than one big batch.
I am going to try it this way. I realized whatever I made, was UBER UBER thick, like exact consistency of greek style. I did strain it, but in the past it would be thick then sorta runnier when stirred, this didn't do that at all. We ate it Sun night with fruit and honey, ehhh... Then the rest went to smoothies today, I just couldn't throw it away but waan't gonna try to eat it like Sunday
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