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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (Feb 1-14)

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post
I always have a bunch of cramping right around 5 weeks/coming up to it. Drives me crazy with worry, but it's happened with every one of my sticky pregnancies and none of the m/c's, oddly enough. Actually, thinking back, I always have the cramping for a couple days, then it'll stop, and a couple days later I wake up with a tummy starting - so maybe it's growing/stretching in there.

Totally understand complaining about feeling good! If it helps, though, I had no symptoms with my boys - other than missing AF and the cramping for a few days. When I hit 6 weeks I had a bit of nausea, but nothing too bad. Very different than with my girls (and Hiccup, but we don't know if Hiccup's a boy or a girl yet!).

that weird 3am spotting stops. That is... strange, the timing and all. Just weird! Hope it stops and it's nothing at all.
I have to say I really have always had super easy pregnancies. So I shouldn't be too surprised but usually I at least have sore boobs or peeing or bad heartburn. I am sure it will come! And I would be thrilled to have a little boy. They seem to be so much easier for me. Are you team green this time?

Originally Posted by stevensmom View Post
at around 5 weeks I would always bleed (except with ds). My first two m/c I bleed arond 5 weeks (one I lost at 5 weeks). I even bleed at 5 weeks with dd. And then my last mc I bled at 5 weeks. And then this pregnancy I bled at 5.5 weeks.

It sucks

Tomorrow I start weaning off the progesterone... 12 weeks.
Yay for being done with Progesterone. I hope I am done with all colored liquid coming out of my "area". It's not wanted!!

Originally Posted by Almacham View Post
I am joining you guys!

I suffered my second loss early last month and somehow I am pregnant again. I am in shock! I just took a test today. Will upload the picture later.

I have no clue about due date or gestational age yet. I never had af in between the miscarriage and this pregnancy.
Nice to meet you. Sorry about your loss they sure make the next one harder to be joyous over!

Made this today for when we are ready to send out the official word.

Not sure when we will tell. Still pretty nervous. DD2 has been super clingy and whiney and wanting to nurse a lot which has got me a little nervous. I keep thinking if I just do all the right steps then I won't loose this one. I know there is not much more I can do but pray and be positive. It helps when dh and I discuss the pregnancy here and there. Oh and I tested again with another FRER and here is the progression!

The bottom test is today and the test line came up dark QUICK! Very reassuring.
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