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Re: Will part-time underwear be confusing? / Update:Full time underwear!

Originally Posted by Reagansmama View Post
Wanted to update you on my journey as well...I finally took the plunge to full time undies (trainers) about 3 weeks ago...even when we're out. She's still in diapers at nap and bedtime. In the past week we had one wet trainer and one wet diaper (other than nighttime when she's still peeing a ton!). Yeah! I'm so excited. She also is finally, again the last week, telling me when she needs to go! Its so darn cute when she yells out "potty!" And runs for the bathroom. Of course it has become a way for her to tell me she's done eating, instead of just saying all done she says potty even though she doesn't have to go, and she was obsessed with grandma and grandpas potty last night. I think I brought her 6 times in 3 hours and she only actually went once. I'm so happy I did EC, and it was only part time. It was so worth it!
Wow! Only two misses in a week, that's great! We're not there yet. Even though he's still dry at night and naps, we still have wet undies every day. Even so, I'm glad that we did EC and that we're not in diapers anymore. We're still plugging along. It does seem like he's giving a lot more notice for poop, now (we don't have to run, we have plenty of time to get to the bathroom), so I guess that's progress.
Yeah, he does that, too: "Peepoo" when he really means "I want to go to sleep" or "I'm ready to leave the house now."
Thanks for the update! Glad things are going well!
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