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Unhappy Blocked/Bruised Duct/Mastitis

I am VERY prone to these. I battle this, on average, 2-4 times per year... the pain lasts for a week or so each time. I get a lot of symtoms of Mastitis-- chills, achy legs, nausea, killer throbbing heachache that is almost migraine status, and swollen, hot, incredibly painful breast.

DH bumped me yesterday on accident, right on the edge of my breast by my ribcage. Within hours, my boob was killing me. The nausea and headache began just as I was heading to bed last night. I got barely any sleep. Nursing my toddler was torture! I just don't understand why I have such a severe reaction?? I doubt I get Mastitis this often...and it always clears up within 10 days on it's own.
Anyone have experience with this? It makes me want to wean, but I believe in nursing for 2 years, so.... I deal. LO is 15 months.
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