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Re: Anyone have a Yogurt Maker?

This machine, which I do not own, seems to allow you to make multiple flavors: From reading customer reviews, it is clear that the milk must be heated and cooled first.

It is possible (I haven't confirmed that I can do it) that I may have a gallon of raw goat milk available to me each week in the near future. (I cannot do cow milk.) If I were to get it, it would be for the express purpose of making yogurt apart from maybe drinking 1/2 quart in coffee each week. I am wincing at making the investment, however, b/c my mom made yogurt for a few years when I was a kid, and it was nasty stuff. I love yogurt, but that was just, ugh. So here I would be roped into an ongoing share of a goat and into buying a yogurt maker, a pot that is suitable, and a cooking thermometer. I also am less than certain that I'd be able to get my share in the goat every week, as I'd be depending on a friend to pick it up for me whom I do not know that well. Still, I would love it if everything worked out well.

All to say... any tips re: raw goat milk? The same as making yogurt from cows' milk? Do any of you presently successfully use starters that do not include any cow milk or lactose in them (it seems that a lot of starters do)? Thanks
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