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Re: Homeschool Check In Feb. 1st--10th

Ok that's it. I'm done, ready to throw in the towel with this whole hs'ing business.

In other words, today was NOT a good day! My oldest had no idea how to come up with a sentence for his writing assignment. It took him hours, literally. I'm really starting to question if I want to keep him home anymore. I just wonder where he'd be place in the PS system (grade wise). He's behind in some areas no matter how hard we work. And his poor attitude is rubbing off on the other boys this school year.

OK vent over....

Congratulations Jen! That's awesome.

To answer some questions towards me...ILs don't help with the sleeping issues my oldest has. They don't reinforce the idea of bedtime/stop playing your game/computer. Yes he has these things in his room, but not by our choice. It's part of why he'd rather sleep in that room than his room on our level. We discipline him...we are the bad guys and at fault. It gets old! As for my youngest and his speech, yes he talks like that all the time, dropping most of the consonant sounds. But in isolation he CAN say the sounds but most of the time will fight and NOT say them. To my knowledge he is finished with the evaluation stage, now we just wait for the recommended course of action. I looked in to it more and we will NOT be registering him for Kindergarten in the school district. I will bring him to his therapy sessions at whatever school they do it in. There are a lot of elementary schools in the area.
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