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It's not as high maintenance as it sounds. Start simple and if you like it build from there. Try something like the Econobum Starter Kit (at Cotton Babies,, BabiesRUs...) and see if you like it. Maybe you decide prefolds aren't your thing, and try a couple Imagine One Size All in Ones ( Maybe then you decide cloth just isn't your thing in general and you put all 10 diapers in the back of the closet until you run out of disposables in the middle of the night...
But- yes diapers do need to be washed every couple days, you really run the risk of ruining them by letting them sit. Cotton is easiest to clean and sanitize. And every now and then you will need to add a little bleach to the wash...but cotton is by far the easiest to maintain and stands up to the most use.

Honestly though, for me it was creating the routine. Just make it a habit to do it every other day and within a couple weeks you dont even think about it.
I think it's best to start when the baby is EBF because you just dump it all in the wash and let her rip. Once they start solids you may think about a flushable liner like Bummis so you never have to scrape or spray any poo. You just lay it in the diaper and flush it all down. I can't live without them, I hate spraying!
And yes it does actually save money even when you consider the washing! Our water bill barely moves month to month no matter how often we are home to do the wash. If you see a spike in your power bill just air dry!
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