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Re: COCONUT OIL, and what I discovered about rashes and yeast

Originally Posted by babymakes3.4.5.... View Post
If you whip the coconut oil for a couple minutes with either handheld or stand mixer it gets beautifully fluffy and will stay super soft if you keep it in a sealed container between uses
Thanks for the tip! That sounds super nice to use . My jar needs to be refilled, too.

Originally Posted by nikkchikk View Post
Thanks I'm just passing the information on because anything that makes my families life a little easier will probably help someone else's family too!

About the wipes warmer, I have the prince Lionheart warmer but unfortunately it doesn't fit paper towels! I'm sure if I had cloth wipes or cut the paper towels right it would work, but that's ALOT or effort, lol.
I have to share where I got my wipes, in case you're looking for the perfect ones

I ordered 5 sets from her, and requested the thread colors of red, orange, green, blue, and purple. She threw in a couple yellows cuz I unintentionally ordered all the colors in the rainbow except yellow I love these wipes, too. They are like washcloths, they don't curl up around the edges, they don't repel water (I wet mine with warm water in the sink), and they're sooo soft! I also have some Thirsties and some Imse Vimse flannelettes, but these were cheaper and better

It's super great to hear that coconut oil is working so well for you! I've been using it, too.
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