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Re: Giving it another go after failing last time around.

Originally Posted by marenmccoy View Post
What do they consider too much weight? I hadn't heard of this. For us it was because he was 6 weeks and still under birth weight. I mean, really obviously not getting nourished. Our ped was really great and supportive of BFing but at that point he said "we have to give him something now, or it could start to hurt him" and I think I really believe he was right.
Your doc was absolutely right that 6 weeks and under birthweight is not ok at all.

I highly recommend the Dr Jack Newman book. I had a terrible time with pain nursing the my first dd and I remember having DH read me the 'how to' section step by step as I tried to latch dd2! I think he's a bit over the top and a bit of a 'breast nazi' but there is a lot of good information in there.

I also recommend finding a BF consultant before you have the baby and have her come over when you get home from the hospital. Maybe things will be great and you won't need her but that support is invaluable. I know I absolutely wouldn't have made it with dd1 or dd2 if it weren't for those great midwives who came to my house every day to help me.

I think I have a bf disability...
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