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Originally Posted by KLeeCW
Do they do anything? At all?

DS's kindergarten room parent does not. She has only sent one email for a Halloween party and nothing before or since. Nothing special for Thanksgiving, or the 100th day of school, nothing for Valentine's day on Thursday. DS says she has come in a few times to read to the class. Why volunteer for something if you aren't going to put in the effort?

I was a room parent for DS's preschool. I wanted to do it again this year, but I was 9 months pregnant when the school year started (DD was born mid September). I told this year's teacher I'd do it if no one else would, but 5 other people asked, so I figured it was all good and I'd just volunteer my time or resources.

The room parent doesn't send emails asking for help or to plan anything. She doesn't respond to emails either. It's just left me . I just sent an email to DS's teacher asking if there is anything I can do for Valentine's Day on Thursday. I don't think it's fair to the kids not to be able to do any celebrations because an adult can't get it together. I can understand being overwhelmed or having personal things arise where you can no longer keep a commitment, but why not tell the teacher or ask one of the other parents to step in?
My oldest is just now in preschool, and we don't have a room parent. Is it possible that her role hasn't been well defined and she doesn't know what's expected of her? I've never even heard of a room parent until DS.
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