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Cloth diapering is not that hard at all. I still don't do our laundry that often, until we run out of clothes. Cloth dipes I do every 2-3 days.

For a price breakdown, google price of cloth. Check out Kelly's Closet. Here's a link to a cd calculator:

As far as poops once they start solids, I love flushable liners! You can get them on Amazon or any cloth diaper store. Kissed by the Moon has bamboo ones if you want natural fibers touching baby. The liners look dryer sheets but softer. The pee flows through them but the solid poop doesn't so when you change baby, put the poppy liner in the toilet and flush! Usually a corner of the liner isn't poopy so you can grab that so you don't have to touch poo.

Stripping really depends on whether you have hard water. Hard water with a regular machine, I imagine would fine, hard water with a high efficiency machine is a pain in the *** and takes commitment. I just moved out of a hard water area and am using a regular machine, no more rashes and endless rinsing!

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