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I have my first official appointment today (was in a few weeks ago having panic attacks and they did an ultrasound for me to assure everything was ok) should be 10w +1. Last week I actually puked twice. Nausea comes and goes for me, I'm really ready to have some energy bag tho! I'm in bed by 7pm every night! I feel like I am not getting anything accomplished!

Favorite toy: my Barbi collection... But I always had more fun "staging" her dream house than actually playing... It would frustrate the crap our of my little sister we would spend hours setting up the house only for me to be done with it and she would be desperate to "play"

Now: my mini ipad - I won at my husbands Christmas party... I never would have bought it myself but now that I have it I really dig it ...
on a strange side note... My sister's husband's entire work team also won mini iPads! 2013 has been lucky for us so far
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