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Re: Does your child's class have a room parent?

My son's school has two room moms there was a lottery to pick them although only 4 signed up anyway. All they do is basically organize parties for the teacher. Our public school only allows parties at Halloween, Christmas, Valentines and End of year. Basically all they do is send out an email with a list of items they want parents to send in for the party and the first person who emails back in saying they will bring napkins, cupcakes, ect..gets to bring in that item. Parents are not allowed into the classroom during school hours except on Parent day at the beginning of the year. The two room moms are also the only parents allowed to go on the field trip at the end of the year. Our room moms must have a volunteer background check before being allowed to become room mom's. I know in our school at least the teacher tells the room mom what she wants or needs.
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