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Re: My 20 month old has her period.

oh my gosh I was just gonna post an SOS thread with this same issue. My 19mo old daughter has done nothing but cry, whine, throw fits, ask to be held ALL THE TIME! I am litterally considering hiding from her as she is making me NUTS!!!. This has come about really badly in the last several weeks. She was sick last week and was SO sweet that it made wish for it to last a little longer. Nothing bad just a cold and fever but she wasn't whiney or cranky. By the end of the day I am just ready for her to go to bed but even that has become a nightmare. It doesn't help that she only wants ME. So when the other dc or dh try to help she screams even more. Lord give me strength. It looks like I am in good company. Sorry ladies.
BTW OP your title made my jaw drop! lol
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