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Re: Am I a candidate for cloth?

I HATE doing laundry, but don't mind the diaper laundry so much. Like you, I was very on the fence at first and DH was %100 against using cloth diapers. If you have a washer/dryer then I say try it! We started part-time with 2 boxes of econobum and 2 snappi (24 prefolds, 6 covers, 2 wet bags for just under $100). I would run through our entire stash once a week which usually took 3 days then DS would be in sposies the rest of the week. After 2 weeks of that I started trying it fulltime and while I was trying to get a wash routine down that allowed me use almost all of my diapers before washing we would have to use a sposie here and there. EBF is so easy by son is 4 months as well and I spray his poop bc it smells!

Currently, we are 3 months in and havn't had to strip. I originally prepped all of our diapers in All Free&Clear bc I didn't know any better and switched detergents about a month in, but we havn't had any issues thankfully. We also barely use the prefolds now. Since starting fulltime I've hunted down bargins to build a better stash on a limited budget.

As far as the cost goes, we rent so we don't pay water, but our utility bills went about just under 15$/month when we started CDing. I wash every 3 days (cold wash, hot wash) and I do dry my diapers on medium bc it's just easier and faster than line drying in the winter. I'm sure that would cost would cut in half if I didn't have the dryer running for that extra hour and a half.
Everything in our stash was purchased NEW by me, I have no used diapers and our total cost has been about 375$. We have all onse size diapers (7 BG Freetimes, 3 FuzziBunz Elites, 2 Diaper Rite pockets, 4 Alva pockets, 8 3 Monkeys pockets, 1 FLO diaper sprayer, 2 Alva wetbags, 2 Alva pail liners, 12 econobum prefolds, 3 covers, 2 snappii and about 40 flannel wipes that I made myself). I resold 1 econobum kit for 40$ and deducted that from our total cost. Once I knew cloth would work for us I just followed the sales (most of our freetimes are seconds quality) and the only diapers I paid full retail value for were the 3 monkeys which are WHAM.

If you don't go overboard, CDing can absolutely be cost effective. I would estimate that our cloth diapers are only a couple months away from paying for themselves.

Lastly, DH was also concerned about the poop factor once LO starts solids, but after he installed our sprayer his concerns went away. Cloth can be intimidating bc it's not the norm any more and there is so much information out there and so many different opinions that you kind of just have to go for it. If it doesn't work out, well cared for diapers have an excellent resale value.

I hope this helps! Feel free to PM me if you have question! Good luck!

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