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Re: My DD has a rash no matter what I do.

I have so been there I loved CDing my other 4 (for the most part), but it has become such a struggle with my 18mo. I actually sort of hate cloth at this point and wish he was PLed. It is working for him right now though, so I stick with it despite not enjoying it I have found that he absolutely cannot handle detergents with optical brighteners and enzymes. I know we talked about it before, but Country Save (with a vinegar rinse) has been a total lifesaver for us. He is fine even in PUL now that has been washed only ever in Country Save, which is a huge deal for us. He still gets rashy if I don't change super frequently or if he poops during nap (which is daily it seems). Just FYI, but when I tried switching to natural disposables he had just as many rashes. Some kids are just sensitive.

I've had the best luck sticking with plain organic cotton, making sure he is cleaned and fully dried at each change and then using coconut oil as a barrier. We actually have had better luck with Pampers sensitive wipes over natural sposie wipes or even cloth with gentle wipes solutions. They work better for him than even plain water actually. I know that I've met a few other mamas that have found the same.
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