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Re: Anyone sorta montessori at home?

Montessori is so worth it Before you buy any materials I would get the ebook Montessori at Home. I bought it as a reference (I'm Montessori trained) but it looks pretty good. He has descriptions and pictures on how to give lessons using Montessori materials. There are also online free albums but I haven't looked at them. You can also find Montessori training courses online like Karen Tyler. I'm taking her course now (I really wanted her albums since I felt lacking in Science, Geography) but keep in mind that she gives you the albums and photos to look at and you have to do the reading of each lesson and send her questions on anything you don't understand. Now, I'm not saying that her program is bad in fact several people really enjoyed it but for me I just needed the additional albums since I already have had the training. There is also a Montessori group on Facebook that is pretty active. It's headed by Lisa Nolan and she has a website also called Confession's of a Montessori mom.

Montessori can be labor intensive for you and expensive but so doable. So, if you are looking for an open and go type curriculum then Montessori is not it. Also, it can get pretty pricey too. But a lot of the materials you can make for yourself. I usually buy from Montessori Outlet, Montessori N Such, Montessori Services, and Montessori Equipment IFIT. For printed material you can go to the Helpful Garden for free works and Montessori Print Shop has cheap materials. I have gotten materials from both places and they are both good quality.

I'm currently using Montessori with my kids: DD 5, DS almost 3, and just starting 10 month old. Please feel free to ask any questions of me. Hope this helps!!
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