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Re: Am I a candidate for cloth?

[QUOTE=Nerissa;16283221]If I can cloth diaper full time anyone can-- DH and I both WOH full time and the baby goes to daycare (who uses cloth).
~I do diaper laundry every 3 days (fold/put away once a week) and regular laundry as needed.

We are a AIO/pockets family. We have been washing 2x/week (always on the same days so it's habit) since DD was... maybe 2-3 mos?
If you are ebf - CD now! Get hooked while you can just toss the whole unrinsed, unsprayed, unlined poop diaper in the bag! If you are ff or when baby gets older.. it's really not that bad and you WILL wind up touching poop, CD or sposies, at some point. We use AIO's with cheap fleece liners at daycare - they toss poopy liners, but pee liners get washed and back into rotation.
No noticeable difference in our water or electricity bills.
If you are planning on future children - I would try out pockets/flips/covers and prefolds/flats. Because you can totally keep the prefolds/flats through multiple kids, while the experience with AIO's and the actual pockets seems iffy.
This is how I sold my DH: "Honey, cloth diapers will always be here. I will take care of the washing and such. Would you rather I call you at 9pm when it's cold and raining and you've been at work for 12 hours, and ask that you pick up diapers on the way home because we are out... again?!"
Do you tend to have sposies delivered or pick them up while you are out? I for one, am grateful to never send DH to Target for sposies aka trash diapers, because while there he will inevitably pick up two movies, a latte, a toy, and some electronic iThing that I don't understand. I think CD's have saved us quite a bit in impulse buying at Target!
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