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Trainers... would this make any sense?

There is a point here, I promise
DD is 2 and has been showing major signs of readiness (we'll start after a week long visit to IL's next month).
I have non-waterproof gerber trainers for home (have been using them for awhile, work great at home). At home we may go straight from diapers to undies. But we will need something waterproof for daycare, when she transitions into trainers/undies there.
I have medium sewing skills and the TTT pattern, which I can totally do. I am not afraid to experiment and alter patterns. I also have a whole load of Thirsties Duo inserts, the two-layer snap-together kind, size one (so we're not using them ATM).
I would prefer to snap these into trainers as soakers rather than making a pocket, because DCP and DH will not unstuff pockets. I don't want to sew them in permanently bc I'd like to use them on later kiddos.

-would these be appropriate for pockets? Either the hemp/cotton layer or mf layer.
-has anyone used these as snap in soakers? I am assuming this will work... maybe?
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