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Re: Any interest in a high risk thread?

Originally Posted by 3 ladybugs View Post
Almacham - I don't know much about type 1 diabetes. Type 2 is EVERWHERE now but I never hear about type 1. Can you help educate me on what they are afraid of with you? When are you due?
I don't have it, but my DD has type 1.

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attack the pancreas and the body quits making insulin entirely. (Type 2s make insulin, but their bodies don't use it effectively, causing high blood sugar) Type 1 diabetes are dependent on synthetic insulin to keep their blood sugar levels at a normal range. Unfortunately, there's no such thing as "controlling" blood sugar because there are so many factors that affect insulin needs, such as hormones, exercise, stress, illnesses, growth spurts, weather, etc. You can do your best to manage it, but it's a tricky disease to live with.

Long story short, from what I understand with regards to pregnancy, the hormones and changes just make it that much harder to manage blood sugar levels. Most women see a HUGE increase in insulin needs while they are pregnant. So even if a woman is doing all she can to manage the disease, she's likely to still see high blood sugars-- which is hard on mom's body (hence all the testing). Also, high blood sugars make for bigger babies because they take all that extra sugar in the blood and store it as fat. So, mom and baby have to be monitored carefully throughout pregnancy.
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