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Re: Starting a Mama Cloth Stash

Originally Posted by mozartswannabe View Post
Starting momma cloth seems so intimidating! And the start up costs are so high, but don't seem like they would pay off financially like diapers! I'm sure they will health wise though. I'd love to try it, but I'm having a hard time getting started too! I think I'd like to try making my own, but even that seems intimidating!
There are women who get addicted and never stop buying menstrual cloth (I've talked to some women here who have 100 or more pads), and there are women like me who are very picky about their menstrual cloth so that it may take a while to recover from mistake purchases once one is able to budget in the preferred cloth, replacing the "mistakes." However, as long as you stop buying when you really don't need any more, mama cloth will pay off. Since I already had a very "lean" and orderly period product system prior to menstrual cloth, it will take a few years for my cloth pad purchases to pay off. But I've talked to mamas who have been using the brands I'm going with for many years more than that. So my purchase should pay off... just not right away.
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