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Re: Lil Shamrocks - February chat (1 more month!)

Hey mama's.

Hospital bag packed, baby bag packed. This time I actually packed a few changes of clothes and noob clother diapers just incase I decide to stay more than 12 hours. If we have the baby in the middle of the week I think Memere will have to return our children to us the very next day and a part of me thinks it might be nice to just have 24hours alone with our little girl with out them crawling all over her and me right away...

That being said hospitals suck!! It really is something I will have to decide right in or after the moment. We live so close to if I do decide to spend the night I will let DH return home once we get settled in "if" we decide to stay. Basically I have to have a comfortable room and the staff has to be to my liking(nice and helpful). If it feels to weird for DH to leave then he will stay but the sleeping arrangements are SO AWFUL for husbands, I hate making him sleep on the floor.

Choices choices I tell you. It feels so different this time...perhaps becuase it's bee a few years since I gave birth and had a newborn. Or perhaps it's different because we have other children to consider-their lives are about to change in a big way too. Or maybe I'm getting a bit emotional because it's our last AND our wedding night baby. She kind of feels like a perfect way to complete our family.

Anways I can't wait<3
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