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Re: Any interest in a high risk thread?

Type 1 means insulin shots for life... Usually starts in childhood. Basically your pancreas doesn't produce insulin! Everything can effect my blood sugars. I have had to be hospitalized for a simple stomach virus several times, because taking insulin plus not eating for several days = disaster! It's very hard on your body. You have to maintain constant vigilance on your blood sugars and insulin shots. It's an autoimmune disease.

Pregnancy with type 1 diabetes is extremely high risk... Let me see if I can remember everything off the top of my head:
* premature labor and delivery
* miscarriage
* stillbirth
* fetal deformity
* congenital fetal defects
* complications regarding delivery
* dangerously large baby
* an ill newborn
* pre-eclampsia
* heart problems in baby and mom
* growth problems with baby
* placenta problems - aging placenta, for instance, when it should be fine and healthy

There may be more that I'm just not remembering. They put me through a battery of tests and look over the baby head to toe monthly. By the 32nd week I have to go to the dr three times a week!

Jennifer, I will be thinking of you. I hope that your test goes well.
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