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Re: Am I a candidate for cloth?

First post! Whoo hoo! I'm a longtime lurker, so this is exciting for me!
I am fairly new to cloth as well, and I wanted to let you know that I was in the exact same boat you are in. Pretty much 95% of the reason we are CD'ing is for financial reasons. The environmental and health aspects are also pluses!
I never, EVER thought in a million years that I would use cloth diapers. The cost savings were tempting to me, but I never thought too much about it because I HATED doing laundry with a passion, and I was terrible at keeping up with it. I brought the topic up with DH one day while pregnant with #2, and he was all for it. So I looked into it more and decided that since we were so financially strapped, we should at least try it.
We purchased a dozen prefolds, 2 Flip stay-dry packs, 6 BG Elementals, a pack of Snappi's, a wet bag, some Nellie's laundry soap, and a honking bottle of Bac-Out with our tax refund. I was under the impression that we would use sposies in the beginning, and while we were out, and just use cloth at home. We now use cloth 98% of the time!
On his one month birthday, I put him in his first cloth diaper (a grasshopper Flip and stay-dry insert). It was adorable! Over the next few months, I fell in love with Cd'ing. They were SO easy, and I was shocked that the laundry thing was NO BIG DEAL AT ALL. I actually enjoy doing diaper laundry, and am very faithful with it as my other laundry just sits there in a dirty heap! But the diapers get done! I will honestly tell you that it is no problem at all to throw a load of diapers in every other day.
I figured out what I liked and didn't like, and still have things to try that I haven't before. My stash now consists of flats (GMD, flour sacks, and a few receiving blankets), Flips, BGE's, and some assorted hemp, cotton and bamboo doublers. I would recommend prefolds or flats to you if you think that you won't be doing laundry as often, because they will be easier to get clean than maybe pockets or AIO's. Although pockets and AIO's are very easy to use. From my experience, natural fibers also clean the easiest, and absorb far better than microfiber. I thought I would be an AIO girl all the way (the more like a sposie, the better I thought) But it turns out I like the most old-school diapers the best (flats)! Who would have thunk! Don't let them scare you. If you want cheap, easy to wash and dry, and trim like a sposie, flats are the way to go. Fold them to put in a cover until you can learn some flat folds. It's not hard!
Bottom line is, if a person who hates doing laundry can do it, you can do it! Not everyone CD's for economical reasons per say, but we do, and we have saved SOOO much money! Go for it, and let the obsession take over!
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