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Re: Am I a candidate for cloth?

I think anyone who is willing to try cloth is a candidate. And I am a real believer that it saves money. Although, DH cringed the other day when I stripped my kissluvs fitteds (he can just see the money going down the drain...)

Now, when I configure what it costs to do a load (not including my dryer because I hang dry 95%) my overall utilities increase by a maximum $6 per month. I know I could never use sposies for under $6 per month. Plus my house doesn't smell like baby poop and my trash isn't full of baby poop.

I have only spent a total of about $140 on diapers as well, and I have a lot (well, it seems that way to us):
2 gPants/3 pouches/15 gLiners (I paid $40)
10 Kissaluvs hybrids (I paid $30)
17 pockets (thus far BG is the only one that hasn't pissed me off by breaking in some way) (I paid $60 for sunbabys...they broke, she sent 2 new ones, I fixed said broken ones, I paid $9 for a Kawaii that died and they sent me a new one, and I fixed the other, and 1 BG 4.0 I paid $6) Total $72
10 Prefolds, freecycle!
I got 2 flips and 2 blueberry covers as gifts
5 Flats (homemade from cotton fabric!)

Total $142...I don't need any more diapers (forgot...I have liners I made too), so for $142 I have my diapers, and I diaper for $6/month.
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