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Re: Basically it's Wednesday

Well Kari considering Jerry and MH get free health care having to answer them once year is not really something I should complain about. Oh and at IHS there is an assumption that filling out the forms is too hard language wise so they just ask the questions. It is always only a few questions because the "is your income more than XXXX a month" and we are done.

Anyway I am home for the rest of hte week because MH went in for a well child check, had a 101 fever and was diagnosed with ILI (Influenza Like Illness) OH JOY. We cant have her get MIL sick so I will be home with her. They eluded to us preparing for the next 48 hours getting worse before it gets better. Poor pup. He found mast of her neck lymphnodes swollen.

We made a run to the store for popsicles and juice. Now we have had tacos and she is laying down to take a nap with Jerry.

I need to do lesson plans and get my self organized to head to work at 4 for my meeting and get everything ready for two days with a sub.
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