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Re: Are these pictures for real?

Originally Posted by raymark View Post
I thought her performance was amazing!

IMO, purposely spreading unflattering photos of anyone is bullying. Celebrities have feelings & confidence issues just like anyone else. I could not imagine some creep spreading pics like this of one of my children truly putting their all in something they love doing & getting the whole world to laugh at them. I think it is wrong to share the photos & tasteless to join in on the joke that is clearly 'against' Beyonce.

If these pics were a harmess joke from one of her friends in which Beyonce was able to join in on the laugh we would have never been exposed to any of them. A friend or family member who has a crazy pic of you is only going to share it with a close group of your friends & family if they suspect you are okay with that. It takes a bully to plaster the images all over the Internet. Regardless of if Beyonce is truly offended by the images or not, it still must be hurtful just knowing there are people out there dying to attack her in this manner & fans laughing rather than standing up for her.
I don't think anyone is attacking her. i know i'm not like "oh beyonce that nasty scumbag lets damage her self esteem with these pictures muahaha." they're just funny pictures. just like there are hilarious awful pictures of me and pretty much everyone else.
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