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Re: Any interest in a high risk thread?

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post
I'm sorry you feel that way Meg.
I hope everyone, including you, feels that we can post whatever we want in the dd board - please, don't worry about being a downer, we all want to support you and for you and babe.
5 weeks is soon enough, I can't imagine thinking about only 3 weeks left at this point.

Sorry for the thread crashing, just had to say that to Meg - and that I love the idea of this thread. I'm not high-risk (IMO anyways) but I think it's a great idea for those who are.
Beat me too it! Was going to say the same thing! I'm not high risk this time, but I have been in the past, which was why I was checking this out. I don't think you're a downer! And I have my FX you're LO stays cooking as long as possible
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