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Charlie's Soap and Rockin' Green are not soap-based. They use plant-based surfactants and water conditioners, not fat (which is how true soap is derived).

I don't have an HE washer, but I use Tide Free and Gentle liquid. I had beautiful luck with Charlie's at my old house, but once we moved to a neighborhood with crazy water (a neighbor kid got iron poisoning from our water!), nothing has worked but Tide. I don't like the scent of original Tide (or any scented grocery store detergent), but Free & Gentle has been wonderful for us. It rinses clean--but I use very hot water (I turn my cold spigot off) and I have a very, very heavy-duty agitation option called "work wear" that I combine with the Deep Water setting. So even the most "build-up"-prone, most petroleum-laden detergent probably doesn't stand a chance against my washer. I use up to the 1 line in the pre-wash and up to the 3 line in the regular wash.

My local CD friends think I'm crazy--Nellie's is the local favorite. But I've polled neighbors and everyone unilaterally agrees that only Tide works in our water for anything, and a lot of it is necessary--WITH a water softener--to get clothes clean. I also use Oxi in every load of everything to prevent discoloration from the high concentrations of cadmium and iron in our water.
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