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Dust furniture
Dust fans
Polish furniture
Vacuum couch
Spot clean couch cushions (or just throw them in the wash)
Vacuum house
Clean carpet in hall and kids room, at least
Clean windows/doors
Organize as needed
Move dresser into DD2's room
Re-arrange DD2's room to accommodate new dresser
Change sheets on my bed
Change sheets for kids
Clean my bathroom
Clean hall bathroom
Clean my room, including mess that's still in there from purging toys
Grocery shop for party food
Make 48 cupcakes
Make party food (keeping it simple)
Clean up poo in backyard (DH, hopefully)
Organize toys outside
Wipe down patio table/chairs (no time to pressure wash!)
Clean up plant growth, I mean, weeds, outside
Wash 1 window and door that the dog dirtied
Tidy carport
Clean off swings and slide that are dirty from the dog
Bathe the dog!
Deep clean kitchen
Decorate for party (again, very simple)
Go to Sam's
Get candy and favor bags
Wrap DS's presents
Charge camera batteries
Put away new Charlie's Soap (big container had cracked in shipment)
Vacuum mess made from spilled soap
Put away box of things brought in from car
Make Red beans and rice for DS's chef creole day at school
Assembled favor bags for party

Done, Wednesday, in addition to above
Emptied/loaded DW
Put away basket of folded clothes
Washed everybody's sheets, in dryer now
Cooked dinner
Halfway cleaned kitchen
Cleaned dining table
Helped kids with valentine cards

Whew! It's DS's bday so we're all watching his new movie then I'll finish the kitchen and dining room and put sheets back on beds. Kids go back to school tomorrow, I hope I can knock off at least half of what's left on the list!
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