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Re: cause of homemade diapers wicking through threading?

my little guy is a 'super soaker' I think.

The diapers are still leaking though, I've been planning to take a hair dryer to the pul along the stitching to see if that helps ...if not I suppose I'll be buying some camping glue to seal the stitching off. Is that what you mean by a no-wick spay, or are there other options?

I just feel really bummed right now because I love to make diapers and just have no idea why they are leaking, and my store bought diapers of the same design don't. I can't figure out what I did wrong. Even the inserts in my own diapers are from store diapers (and broken in)...and the template/pattern is fine, the thread is fine, the needle is fine. AGH! still frustrated. *sigh* Sticking to rolled leggings for now for any I make.

Maybe the pul isn't the best quality? I did a giraffe pul and a space alien pul (from diaper supply stores)...
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