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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (Feb 1-14)

Originally Posted by bumminbeachbabe View Post
Hi, I'm hoping I can join you ladies. This pregnancy was a bit surprising. I started out so sick. Even more than usual. My dr thought I had my dates wrong because I had a measurable fundal height much further ahead of what I'd estimated. We had an u/s that showed that I'd been having twins, but on stopped developing. It was a shock to hear it.

Nobody irl understands my feelings. As I get closer to delivery my heart aches a little more for the bean that didn't make it. I've tried talking to DH about it, but all he has to offer is that the baby was genetically incompatible with life. Um, not helpful. I know intellectually why it can happen, but these feelings are not tied with reason. A baby is a baby to me. Regardless of its length of life it was my baby.

Anyways, I'm hoping that I've found a place here to get the support and empathy I need. I look forward to getting to know you all.

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Oh momma I am so sorry. I wish I could say my dh was always a winner with his support on our losses but it wouldn't be true. With each one though he did get better!! When are you due? Congrats on the little life you are continueing to grow.

Originally Posted by stevensmom View Post
u/s in less than an hour it's the quad screening/nuchael scan...that I was going to avoid this time since we got a horrible false positive with dd. But dh wants to know so he can "plan"
Hope it went well!!

deanna - If you need us to help you be strong on team green we are ready to help you!

Elena - and just more . Thank you for being so sweet and encouraging. Sounds like your dh got a wonderful woman. Everything will work out just fine. I had to laugh about the wall. Dh knows I would build one. My daddy is a carpenter.

Today is a good day. I started out spotting again but seem to have been given a peace today. I wish everyday were like this. Perhaps it's the cold making me less fretful and the fact that the dc are sick and I am coping with that too. DD1 spike a fever today..... Whatever it is I like it.

Oh and does anyone know if pregnancy hormones can cause a BF toddler to get hives? Seriously, dd2 broke out in hives several times today. I have no idea why. She hasn't had any fever or illness since Sunday, isn't eating or wearing anything new and I am not taking any thing new. I just find it weird. Her whole but was one BIG welt and she was scratching all around her upper thighs which also had welts. I wondered about the hormones as I have gotten hives at the start of a couple of my pregnancies. The first one being the WORST. I even had a few this time but just for one day about a week ago.
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