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I am fan of Tiny Bubbles.

I only use Gro-via cloth diapers and this is the recommended detergent. I have only used Tiny Bubbles and Rockin' Green on my cloth diapers. My recent purchase of Rockin' Green was not pleasing. I tested my water as recommended. I have extremely hard water. I'm using the regular formula for Rockin' Green. Perhaps if I used the Hard Rock formula I would have better results. However, my daughter had an extreme reaction to the Rockin' Green. Chemical burn/rash that lasted nearly two weeks. So Rockin' Green is not going to work for our diapers.

I must add, Rockin' Green did get our diapers clean, no stink or stains, and I did not notice any build up or absorbency problems.

I use Gain for regular laundry. I spoke with a representative at Gro-via and confirmed Gain can be used on their diapers. I'm considering trying this detergent when I run out of Tiny Bubbles.

Hope this helps!
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