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Originally Posted by bumminbeachbabe View Post
Hi, I'm hoping I can join you ladies. This pregnancy was a bit surprising. I started out so sick. Even more than usual. My dr thought I had my dates wrong because I had a measurable fundal height much further ahead of what I'd estimated. We had an u/s that showed that I'd been having twins, but on stopped developing. It was a shock to hear it.

Nobody irl understands my feelings. As I get closer to delivery my heart aches a little more for the bean that didn't make it. I've tried talking to DH about it, but all he has to offer is that the baby was genetically incompatible with life. Um, not helpful. I know intellectually why it can happen, but these feelings are not tied with reason. A baby is a baby to me. Regardless of its length of life it was my baby.

Anyways, I'm hoping that I've found a place here to get the support and empathy I need. I look forward to getting to know you all.

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Realized I starting posting without introducing myself.

We were in a similar situation, except DD1s twin made it to 31 weeks. I was going to the doc everyday for biophysical profiles. Everything was fine Thursday afternoon. Friday morning I found out we'd lost DD1s twin, and went straight to the hospital for a c-section since they shared a placenta. It's so hard some days to look at DD1 and think about how her identical twin didn't make it....

DD2 was a run of the mill pregnancy. Then we had a miscarriage that was pretty devastating for me. Now we're expecting baby #3 early April.

I'm so sorry you lost one of your babies mama. I don't think you'll ever stop missing that baby. Be sad when you need to, but it's ok to be happy about the baby you do have too. It's a weird place to be and it's hard for anyone to imagine.
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