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Originally Posted by jjordan
I think that anyone who says "enjoy them while they're little" or "these are the best years of your life" or the like either (1) hasn't ever had kids, (2) forgot what it's like to have little kids, or (3) is delusionsal.

Or there might be the occasional person who got lucky and got very easy kids. But they don't realize they got lucky, and credit their amazing parenting.

Take it day by day, minute by minute when you have to! Kids are challenging and you can't enjoy every minute. It is very normal to feel overwhelmed at times and to have days where the only good thing about the day is the kids' bedtime.
Perfect advice. Don't forget to get a break for you as well. It will help things so much more. I also learned recently that going with the flow is just so much easier. Dd throws a tantrum in the store? Sing a song to the screaming and dance along. Maybe it'll distract her but it'll keep me sane long enough to finish shopping and get home where I can hide in my room, or hide her in hers... Maybe not the best advice in the world but it certainty keeps me from ripping my hair out and crying in the moment.
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