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Re: Anyone do a raw diet for their dog?

Originally Posted by omahamama731 View Post
We just started feeding raw a few weeks ago! I'm worried that we won't be able to afford it long term, though We are feeding chicken quarters and pork shoulder right now, alternating the type of meat every other day, just started with pork yesterday. The three of them just go outside to eat, and we're in Nebraska so it's pretty cold right now. We started because we found out our Lab is diabetic and she refused to eat the prescription kibble (was $21 for an 8lb bag & smelled awful!). I have a 50lb (underweight by 10-20lbs) Lab who will be 8 in April, a 40lb rock solid Shiba Inu who will be 9 in August, and a 20lb dainty Shiba Inu with terrible lifelong allergies who will be 9 in June. So far their energy level has gone up, and we have been able to cancel our pet waste pickup because the amount of poo has dramatically decreased! I know this is a great thing we are doing for them but with the $98/bottle insulin for our Lab, the price increase on the food has hit the budget pretty hard. :/ We've been getting the chicken from Walmart for 75 cents a pound which is pretty inexpensive, but any other meat we can't seem to get under $2/lb. We are giving them roughly 3% of their body weight in meat per day.
check with some butchers in your area. We got great deals on chicken and turkey necks and other meat/bone scraps.
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