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Re: My DD has a rash no matter what I do.

Not to hijack this thread... but it has me wondering something. We fight a similar sounding rash on and off. It is only on her "front half" and the little bit of the thigh that ends up inside of the diaper. Pediatrician assures me at every visit that it isn't yeast or anything to be worried about. I've thought it looked like heat rash and attributed it to the pul in the diapers keeping things too moist, even when using a stay dry. We did use sposies for about a week when I had the flu and the rash wasn't miraculously better then either. But now I am questioning my detergent after reading some of the responses (we use Tide F&G). If it were the detergent though, wouldn't I be seeing the rash on her entire diaper area- or other parts of her body since we use it for all of our laundry? When I first started trying to diagnose the rash I thought about detergent issues, but ruled it out for that reason. So frustrating! Cloth, sposies, coverless, all cotton, all synthetic, stay dry, barriers of lanolin, CJ's, Grandma El's and still the rash won't leave town for good! Feel like I have tried almost everything. I don't think it bothers her, but just doesn't seem right. Never had this problem with my son who we know has super sensitive skin and is allergic to all kinds of diaper wipes and creams.
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