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Re: Do you have someone stay with you after the birth?

I think it really depends on who you're asking - you have to be careful! If it's someone that truly is helpful and you don't mind asking for help, then by all means, ask away! But, if it's someone that causes more problems, skip it. They'll be more work than anything else.

My suggestion if you don't ask someone to stay, before your DH goes to work or class, or whatever it is he needs to do, have him set up a nest for you on the main level of your home. Put a gate on the stairs if you have to so your older child won't roam too far, make sure you've got bottled water, snacks, fruit, everything you need within reach. And camp out on the couch with your baby.

Oh! And you can check into your local LLL. Sometimes they have a program set up to help new moms. They'll bring in dinners, check on you, etc.

I'm definitely bad about doing too much, too soon. This time we have a split level home with three flights of stairs. I told DH that I would hide out in our room for days if I needed to, but I am determined to take it easy so I can heal faster!
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