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Re: Anyone do a raw diet for their dog?

I fed raw to my coydog on the BARF model. I don't think I would do it without the organ meat/veggie meals as it is not a full rounded diet. I used to get great deals at some of the local markets on organ meat and there was a local butcher who would give me bones that he couldn't sell (giant shoulder bones for the dogs to chew ect). I tried it with Duke but just couldn't bring myself to do it A) because he can't tolerate beef at all which makes it a little harder making his meals and B) because even grinding all the meat for him and feeding it to him that way I was still freaked out about the germs with my kids. Duke drools a ton more than Mali did (AB = giant jowls and drool) plus I am just more bugged by germs than I used to be. We were feeding Canidae but since adopting Remus we have been attempting a switch to Kirklands Nature's Domain as I think he might be allergic to Canidae (he scratches constantly). Nature's Domain is grain free and cheaper than Canidae.
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