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I bought them originally to stave off teething pain, it is said that baltic amber has the largest amount of succinic acid in it, a natural pain reliever, and it is believed that some of it is absorbed through the skin when the amber is worn. Being suspicious, I bought my own necklace to see if it would do anything for a pinched nerve in my neck, and whether it was placebo or not, I did honestly experience some relief while wearing it, when previous meds and chiro weren't working. I am Croatian and I grew up knowing that the healing benefits of amber were strongly believed in by the Croats, because my Great Grandma always used to chatter on about how baltic amber "cured" all ills. My DS1, BigSam, has worn an amber necklace since he was 4 months old, and he is now 3.5 years old. Comically enough, it is his "security item" now, instead of a blanket, stuffed animal, etc.... we even had to size up and get him a new necklace over a year ago. He never takes it off, so yes he sleeps with it, and I never took his first one off overnight when he was so young and actually teething. I don't know if he was just any easy teether or if he ever got any true benefits from it - he was too young to tell me then, but he is a relatively easy-going kid nowadays? So maybe there is something to it? All I know, is his Great Great Grandma sure would be proud he's wearing one..LOL! I order mine from, Svajunas Petreikis, the store owner is Lithuanian, and a great guy, had him as a Facebook friend for a while. He ships to the US faster than I can get stuff from Canada. FWIW, the more milky colored the amber, the more succinic acid it should have, so I always recommend that first time buyers get the butter colored amber as a teething necklace.
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